Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good morning.

With any luck Nora will start today! I finished a special dealer survey with the LEGO group. Hoping my answers will help them improve their communication with business partners in the future.

My new business cards for my council run came out great! And I am looking forward to the pending debate. I am also looking forward to getting this village back on track, and with any luck getting some needed cleaning and signage in place.

I have been meeting with business people all over the valley in an attempt to bring more needed business to the village.

Their main concerns are traffic and that stupid income tax that is in place in the village. (City income tax in a village).

Also main street needs to have designated parking spots for the businesses so they can have their customers be able to park while shopping!

Sometimes great ideas come to you, other times they are provided by interaction with others. I have to give cudos to Larry on this one. I am going to approach another business in town to help me get my parking area at the museum resealed! They expressed interest in using my parking lot, only fair to have them help me make it look nicer.

One of my main complaints about the museum, how the outside looks. I TOTALLY AGREE. No more overgrown weeds, no more overgrown grass. I am sick of it, and it looks horrible!


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