Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good morning Bellaire Ohio.

Today is a great day!

I am going to begin helping one of my friends upload inventory for his online store!

Also going to look into ways to promote my online sites.

I started another blog to show my distain for a site which banned me from posting due to my opinion.

It is funny since the village of Bellaire has the same system in place. Years of corruption and dislike for outsiders has created a nasty local environment for people who do not agree with their points of view.

The online site I used to post on is the same place, just in virtual world.

You cannot see who you are talking with, and probably that is a good thing since the demographic is 'old dudes who play with LEGO'.

I have brought two more people into my election team, and I will begin on Monday getting the necessary signatures to get my 'run done'.

Be looking for some interesting improvements in the village as well.

I am done sitting on the side lines, I am going to be an active member of the debate from now on.

Get out of my way Bellaire, good things are coming.

I have meetings set up with companies next week.

I am going to rally the troops and get this politicial carrer off and running.

Dan Brown candidate for The village of Bellaire Council.

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  1. I have decided not to run for council. I can help the village much more by promotion of a project that is near and dear to my heart. Will post more on it when the time comes.