Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 vision, and no clue how to get there.

2010 saw the publish of LEGO a Love Story.

Created a unique tourism and museum following.

I was amazed at the amount of people who 'came out of their LEGO dark ages' due to this book.

We are also looking at other ways to promote the museum in 2011.

Any public input would be great!

Museum store is doing much better this year, and we are stocked and ready for 2011.

I would like to spend more time offline in 2011. My online postings and constant website updates are making my purchasing schedule and offline activities difficult.

I am going to finish "The Machine" in 2011, and break another world record.

I plan to clobber the LEGOLAND tallest tower record! And I am already 1/2 way there.

It seems like the world is not ready for my personal ideas, so I am going to defer to the group in early 2011 and see how that 'wave goes'.

I have spoken at length with all the team members, and I have a pretty clear set of goals for early 2011 already.

Some of which will be done in 2010, which is wondeful due to the constant needs of the group for product/promotion/heat/building material/time to spend with their families.

I really hope the LEGO company gets back on board, and we can have a nice relationship in 2011.

One of our main detractors in the LEGO company is no longer with the company. So I am hoping with his exit the group knowledge, creative spark, and thought come back around to the community support model put in place years ago vs. the false comminity support model followed from 2008-present.

I am seeing within the company some major changes for the better! But I am also seeing a return to some of the major mistakes that got LEGO into trouble in the 1st place.

I am hoping I am wrong, but either way I will support the brand.

LEGO products are among the most resiliant products on the market. And with that brand recognition comes many people who wish to create with their product.

As with good clay, paint, paint brushes, heck even auto parts. A brand can make a huge difference on an artists vision.

LEGO is that platform! I hope they figure that out, and allow people to build (50.00 for a tub of building bricks...COMMON PEOPLE, let people build!)



In 2011 I would like to expand the builder programs.

While I love to build, the amount of time necessary to keep building, online posting, purchasing as well as try and have any kind of normal life is difficult.

I am looking to expand on our artist program, and I look forward to your (public) input on this. is doing very well, but I would like for it to do better.


Welcome on board Nora.

Welcome on board Nora. You job will be very important to the continued operation of the museum.

Even while closed the museum generates bills! We need to find a way to offset these losses in a way that makes accounting sense (no longer borrowing off my credit lines to keep it going). And if we do borrow from the credit lines, repayment of those lines would be very nice indeed.

Personal notes BLOG!


In 2011 we are going to begin doing some different things.

Nora is coming on board to help me get my accounting in order.

We are also going to be putting the final 'tweeks' on our offline and online operations.

The company has split into different parts, and we are trying to get all of the accounting in order to keep it all straight.

We need online promotion BIG TIME.

Looking for people to help Blog about the museum as well as personal and business projects.

I am hoping to sign up around 50 bloggers and online people to help us promote the museum and our projects to a world wide audience!